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Barbour Leather Utility Glove

Barbour Introduces Its Full Grain Leather Utility Glove

Barbour’s Leather Utility Gloves are the perfect answer to warding off wintery weather.

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Barbour, the UK-based fine apparel and accessory brand, has released its Leather Utility Glove – an item that effortlessly blends fashion, sophistication, and utility all in one…well, glove. Barbour’s stylish glove features a full-grain leather outer layer with an incredibly warm faux fur lining, all of which is topped off with a fetching trimmed cuff. Finished with paneled palms and an adjustable snap cuff, the pebbled leather gives these handsome Barbour gloves a rugged feel.

While the Barbour Leather Utility Glove is the perfect addition to your outdoor wardrobe it is undeniably the ideal way for a person to keep their hands protected during these cold winter months, and looking great all the while. The leather utility glove is available in two colorways – black and brown – and four different sizes that customers can choose from.

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