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Autohome x Land Rover Hard Shell Roof Tent

Escape The Ordinary With The Autohome x Land Rover Hard Shell Roof Tent.

The design of the Autohome x Land Rover Hard Shell Roof Tent sleekly conceals the full-size mattress that rests atop the Defender’s rooftop.

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$ 4,215

You don’t drop everything you’re doing so you can get away from the pace of urban life just to end up sleeping under some plastic sheet. Reconnecting with nature is the entire point of camping, and the Autohome x Land Rover Hard Shell Roof Tent lets you find that harmony. Made to fit atop the roof of the Land Rover Defender 110, the fiberglass shell is equipped with gas struts to set the tent up at a moment’s notice. When the tent is retracted, it maintains an aerodynamic shape so it can be kept atop the roof without having to be unloaded once you return home. Its stationary position atop the Defender’s roof makes it easy to drop what you’re doing whenever the urge to get away is too urgent to ignore.

An accompanying aluminum ladder makes it easy to ascend to the roof of the luxury SUV to take comfort inside the full-size mattress that brings the comfort of home to the great outdoors. The ladder comes with its own storage bag to easily stow away while driving. Autohome and Land Rover are a perfect pair for this project, as the Defender 110 is made to sojourn whatever path it takes to set up camp.