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Architect’s LEGO Basement

Becoming a grown-up entails much more responsibilities. Everyone probably had a moment in time where they wished going back to being a child, not worrying about the bills and the long work hours. But one cool thing about being an adult is you’re free to do a lot of things which you were prohibited to do when you were a kid – one of them is to stuff a whole room with your favorite toys.

Houzz, a website dedicated to home interior design, has interviewed architect Jeffrey Pelletier who has amassed a collection of 250,000 Lego pieces in 153 bins in the basement of his Seattle home. The bins are all sorted to contain pieces of similar size and color, and there’s even a bin just carrying LEGO hats. When Jeffrey first bought his house the basement was a horrifying space filled with cobwebs, but he put in the extra effort to dig down deeper to make 9-foot ceilings and also included a bar and projector in the room. It’s a basement where you can drink your booze and watch movies all the while playing with your LEGO. What more can a man ask for?