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#328 by McKimm

This modern family home in Wolseley, Australia is a reflection of the clients’ lifestyle.

Designing the perfect home must begin with a clear dialogue between the client and the architect. Most people are contempt with having a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a granite countertop in their kitchen, and stainless steel appliances, but have you really thought about the way you live? Australian design firm McKimm has designed a house in Wolseley, Australia that reflects the needs and desires of their clients based on their intimate dialogue with the clients.

Designed for a young family of five, the design team’s approach was informed by careful consideration to the clients’ active lifestyle, offering design solutions and ideas that exceeded the clients expectations. It’s also visually stunning, as McKimm was able to bring their signature touch of vast expanses of glass, solid cantilevers, and striking planes with modern lines and materials that attribute to the sense of serenity. The concrete juxtaposes with the clean white planes and materials, while still feeling light. The sliding glass doors bring the outdoors in, blurring the boundaries of the yard and the living spaces, even when they are closed. The result is an inviting family home made for entertaining while fitting the active lifestyle of the client’s family perfectly.