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Canari House by _naturehumaine

A sculptural and dynamic yellow staircase in the centerpiece of this house for an athletic young couple.

Located in Montreal, Canada, the Canari House is a fourplex from the 1930’s that has been renovated for an athletic young couple by _naturehumaine. The renovation has transformed the fourplex into a primary residence and an income producing rental unit on the first floor. The existing part of the house has been maintained on the street side while the attached garaged, topped by an angular wooden structure, has been restructured to match the house.

The centerpiece of the house is the yellow stairway that energizes the space while bringing in a sculptural and dynamic element. The strong directionality of the staircase as well as the diagonal lines only add to this effect. Strategically placed large bay windows overlooking the north-facing garden brings in maximum light into the living areas, while also acting as a display for the striking stairway as well. A black band that cuts through the length of the house defines the circulation on both levels, with a glass floor that maintains the visual relationship of the circulation axis.