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Aroeira III

Aroeira III by ColectivArquitectura

A modern residence in the middle of a pine forest emphasizes horizontality to contrasts with the trees.

ColectivArquitectura has created a crisp, clean, and modern abode surrounded by a forrest of pine trees. The site’s unique hexagonal shape and plentiful trees meant that the best strategy was to partially bury the lower level to emphasize the horizontality of the residence in contrast to the verticality of the pine trees.

The resulting home, named Aroeira III, is a U-shaped house that takes careful consideration of each floor level, orientation, and function. The partially-buried ground level is occupied by storage, garage, entrance hall, and other support functions, while the upper floor houses the living spaces and bedrooms. The house is marked by its use of concrete, wood, and glass that contrast to create a unique tension in materiality that’s especially emphasized inside with the clean white surfaces. Throw in a pool that’s adjacent to the house, and you have the perfect modern retreat within a pine forest.