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AFFXWRKS onsite Bag

AFFXWRKS Onsite Bag: A Large Dual Function Tote Bag And Groundsheet

A large carry-all with adjustable webbing straps.

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$ 325

Representing the latest in simple yet functional technology, the AFFXWRKS Onsite Bag will meet any transport needs. Designed with function in mind as the driving principle, this durable, innovative, and incredibly versatile bag from AFFXWRKS is sure to excite those looking for a pragmatic solution to transport and carry everyday goods and items. Designed and made in Bulgaria, the AFFXWRKS Onsite Bag will last for years despite continued use due to its incredibly durable and simple design.

The AFFXWRKS Onsite Bag appears to be a groundsheet upon first inspection. The flat bag is oversized and has convenient carrying handles surrounding the perimeter. Simple load the groundsheet with items for transport, pull the surrounding straps to tighten the sheet around the items and sling the bag over a shoulder. The rapid-carry system is designed to fit just about any carry and transport needs and can be fully adjusted to fit any size item or person. The tote badge is made of durable P.U. coated waterproof material and is constructed of heavy-duty nylon. The outside of the bag features a standard logo printed with the Onsite brand and logo. The AFFXWRKS Onsite Bag only comes in one color, tarp gray, with a black underside.

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