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Znie Lite

Znie Lite Syncs Brain Waves To Restore Sleep Balance

One press helps restless sleepers find peace.

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There’s no shortage of sleep aids on the market: from old-fashioned eye masks and ear plugs to new-age aromatherapy and sound machines, everyone seems to have an angle on shuteye. But South Korean startup Honey IT says these methods fail to provide restorative sleep because they rely on sensory input to work, thus preventing the brain from truly resting.

To help put this issue to bed, Honey IT launched its brainwave-stimulating Znie Lite on Kickstarter. The device relies on a phenomenon known as brain wave synchronization, where humans’ brains naturally attune to match the external frequencies they encounter. While the USB-C-powered Znie Lite isn’t the first product to take advantage of this process, it does boast one crucial difference: its frequencies are inaudible to humans and animals, thus avoiding the pitfall of nocturnal sensory stimulation.

The Znie Lite offers both Sleep and Calm modes. In Sleep mode, the Znie Lite emits 7.83Hz Theta waves. A single button press 30 minutes before bedtime alerts the brain it’s time for shuteye. The waves then continue to keep the brain at rest during sleep. Calm mode promotes relaxation with 12Hz Alpha waves.

It’s important to note that the Znie Lite is not a medical product and isn’t intended to reduce stress or treat insomnia. That said, a $72 pledge puts a Znie Lite on your nightstand when the product ships later this year.

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