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BEAMS x Arc'teryx Arro Capsule Collection

BEAMS And Arc’teryx Partner For The Arro Capsule Collection

The release champions Arc’teryx’s ReBIRD sustainability program with a selection of upcycled bags.

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Following last year’s 25th-anniversary drop, the Dimensions Collection, BEAMS x Arc’teryx is back with a three-piece capsule of upcycled bags to champion Arc’teryx’s ReBIRD’s sustainability program. The Arc’teryx ReBird Program centers around educating and connecting consumers to sustainability. The brand emphasizes a circular model in apparel. Their hub for consumers offers a place to learn about upcycling, resale, and repair as an alternative to buying new. Arc’teryx vice president of re-commerce Dominique Showers says their hub makes it easy to learn about product care, get repairs done, and find refurbished used gear as well as ReBird products.

ReBIRD’s process uses end-of-the-roll and upcycled materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by producing less waste. This new three-piece capsule includes the Arro waist pack, Arro 8 shoulder bag, perfect for carrying accessories like a camera, and an Arro 22 travel backpack. The teams say that each received the complete ReBIRD treatment while maintaining quality and style. The BEAMS x Arc’teryx Arro Capsule Collection comes in two colorways—Callisto and Europa. Each features a gray base tone, with black details and color pops in orange or white hues, the iconic Arc’teryx’s fossil logo on the front, and BEAMS imprint on the back. BEAMS x Arc’teryx Arro Capsule Collection will launch on the Arc’teryx website on February 17th.

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