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The StressLess Tully: An AI Bracelet For Emotional Awareness

The first emotion management smart bracelet powered by an AI.

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StressLess, a digital health startup, is developing wearable solutions for emotion management for sensory integration disorders. The StressLess Tully is the company’s unique new AI bracelet for emotional awareness for children. Currently, StressLess is running a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund its StressLess Tully and has already surpassed its original goal of raising $10,000. The AI bracelet aims to aid hyperactive, ADHD, and other sensory disorders, helping the wearer regulate their emotions. The StressLess Tully uses a combination of personalized coaching, biometric sensors, and machine learning to guide children and help them understand and deal with their emotions. The designers at Stressless say that their bracelet can be personalized for each child individually and learns the wearer’s behavior patterns over time.

The AI algorithm features an extensive database that tracks the early signs of agitation and helps by providing personalized prompts. Additionally, the bracelet boasts a swappable silicone skin and strap color choices and is a fun, drugless solution for parents with kids who struggle with attention challenges. The StressLess Tully takes a holistic approach to monitoring biometrics through heart rate, skin temperature, SpO2 concentration, movement and position, galvanic skin response, and heart rate variability. Stressless says they designed the bracelet to help parents coach their children in emotional regulation and learn how to cope with emotional flares and attention problems.