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Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Watch3 By Choosing From Over 50,000 Watch Faces

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 puts personalization front and center with a digital dial that has over 50,000 different designs to choose from.

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One look at the supple leather strap of the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and no one would fault you for thinking that this isn’t a smartwatch. From the bracelet to the rotating bezel encompassing the case of each 41mm and 45mm model, Samsung manages to incorporate conventional watch designs into the Galaxy Watch3 that add an air of sophistication to those features. Mystic black, silver, and bronze colorways give each case an aesthetic on par with a fine timepiece. Yet, unlike conventional watches, the digital dial of the Galaxy Watch3 can be personalized by choosing from over 50,000 different watch faces. Blurring the line between analog timepieces and smartwatches makes the latest addition to the Galaxy Watch line unlike any competitor’s alternatives.

Those design elements are far from just for looks, as the bezel allows users to rifle through a range of apps so users can review messages and rifle through playlists all without having to touch their phone. The Galaxy Watch3 also monitors vital biometrics so users can see their heart rate during their workouts or the steps they’ve taken after a long day. When paired with the Samsung Health app, the Galaxy Watch3 serves as a fitness hub which can cast over 120 home workouts. From staying fit to staying in touch, Galaxy Watch3 integrates with other Samsung devices to get the most out of all of them.