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Bartender's Knife

W&P Design Bartender’s Knife

A must have tool for anyone serious about their mixed drinks.

At the end of a hard and stressful week, there’s nothing quite like coming home and making your favorite mixed drink that can wash down the stress. Although good ingredients and good liquor are the cornerstone of a great drink, the equipment that you use at the bar can also make or break the experience as well as your drink.

Makers of the excellent Carry-On Cocktail Kit, W&P Design has introduced another wonderful addition to your bar, although it’s not exactly carry-on friendly this time around. The W&P Design Bartender’s Knife has been carefully crafted from hardwood, brass, and steel, a classic combination that shouldn’t look out of place in any bar. The multi-purpose blade on the Bartender’s Knife allows you to peel, slice, and pick your cocktail ingredients like a pro while feeling great in your hands to inspire confidence.