The Aviary Cocktail Book

The Aviary Cocktail Book

Make some of the acclaimed bar’s most popular and adventurous drinks at home.

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As the duo behind the famous restaurant Alinea and acclaimed bar The Aviary, chef Grant Achatz and restaurant entrepreneur Nick Kokonas are the masterminds behind the only Chicagoland restaurant to receive top, “three-star” status in the industry-defining Michelin Guide. The Aviary Cocktail Book can not only help you make some of The Aviary’s most popular and adventurous drinks at home, but it also immerses its cocktail recipes in significant contextual information about the bar and its creative forces.

Among its 115 delicious cocktail recipes, the Aviary Cocktail Book presents The Aviary’s take on classics such as the gin martini as well as avant-garde delights such as the Tea in Trinidad and the Argentinian Soda Jerk. This exceptional 440-page book is available in both a standard edition and a reserve addition with a custom-designed and display-worthy split-front case.

The Aviary Cocktail Book was authored and designed in collaboration with Allen and Sarah Hemberger – a husband and wife team who has helped to weave motion-picture magic through their work with Pixar, the Weta Workshop, and Industrial Light & Magic.