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Whiskey Club Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

Earth Your Whiskey With These Cocktail Gummies

Smith & Sinclair crafts the 4 varieties of its Whiskey Club Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies with fresh fruit, botanicals, and premium whiskey.

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$ 19

For those who never outgrow their sweet tooth, Smith & Sinclair provides an indulgence that you’ll need to prove you’re 21 or older to enjoy with their Whiskey Club Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies. Each pack of adults-only candy contains 10 individually-wrapped pieces that each emulate 4 different quintessential whiskey cocktails. There are 4 pieces that offer a chewy take on a bourbon old fashioned, 2 of the whiskey and ginger variety, 2 manhattan-inspired gummies, and 2 more candies that are an ode to the iconic whiskey sour. Those candies come garnished with orange, ginger, cherry, and lemon-flavored sugars, respectively.

What distinguishes these gummies from a playful treat to a sinful dessert is the use of half of a measure of a selection of premium whiskey. The fresh fruit, sweet syrup, and botanical ingredients used to concoct each morsel make this craving-worthy pack of gummies impossible to get enough of.