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Whiskey Peaks Rockies

Huckberry Introduces Whiskey Peaks The Rockies

Each glass features a raised topographic impression of The Rocky Mountains.

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$ 65

Whether used at the end of a long and rigorous hike or enjoying a toast to a completed journey at home, the Whiskey Peaks The Rockies glasses are perfect for any adventurer. These glasses with incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail will look great in any home bar collection.

Made exclusively for Huckberry, these whiskey glasses are designed with an accurate, topographic impression of the Rocky Mountains designed into the glass itself. The Whiskey Peaks Rockies glasses feature hand-blown glass made from premium, lead-free materials using double-wall construction. The 100% lead-free construction is clear, lightweight, but just as durable as traditional glass. The impression of the Rocky Mountains is the view one would see if stationed at Estes Park. The mountain range in the glass pokes up through the glass base, jutting into a freshly poured glass of whiskey. Enjoy the Whiskey Peaks The Rockies glasses in the comfort of home, sipping a favorite whiskey while reflecting on arguably the most iconic mountain range in the United States.

Because each glass from the Whiskey Peaks The Rockies collection is handmade, there may be some slight variation or possible air bubbles in each glass. This collection is available exclusively on Huckberry and is priced at $65 for a set of four glasses. Other notable mountain range options embedded into the glass are also available from Huckberry.

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