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Segway Xafari | Shinola Ceramic Monster Automatic 43mm | The Best EDC Flashlights

A roundup of this week’s most popular product launches and stories.

This past week, we enjoyed all the great items that were introduced at the 2024 CES show in Las Vegas. Among the many items introduced was the Segway Xafari electric bike. Delivering fully customizable features, the Xafari brings active scene perception to carefully analyze road conditions and make on-the-fly adjustments. Combined with active rider analysis, this mode allows the bike to instantly adjust power output, initiating and locking, and headlight activation following the data.

Shinola, the renowned Detroit-based company, launched the Shinola Ceramic Monster Automatic 43mm watch this past week. Known for its unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Shinola’s latest release continues to exemplify these principles while introducing innovative materials and designs.

Be sure to check out IMBOLDN’s article, Best EDC Flashlights, a rundown of the best of these indispensable tools. We shed light (pun intended) on the best EDC flashlights currently available. From compact pocket-sized torches to high-performance tactical beams, we’ve scoured the market to bring you a curated selection of EDC flashlights that offer exceptional brightness, durability, and versatility.

Also, marking their first appearance at CES 2024, were Unistellar’s Odyssey and Odyssey Pro Smart Telescopes, aptly described as “Telescopes, Reinvented.” These cutting-edge smart telescopes effortlessly blend the realms of top-tier optics, astronomy, and technology, making celestial observations and astrophotography accessible to all, minus the complexity and bulkiness usually associated with stargazing gear.

Finally, Austria-based C SEED, a trailblazer in luxury TV solutions, dazzled CES 2024 with its groundbreaking N1 Sculptural Folding TV. In just 85 seconds, it rises to a towering 7.8 feet and unfurls five panels to unveil a monumental 137-inch MicroLED display. This technology enhances brightness and color vibrancy, delivering an unmatched viewing experience.

Segway Xafari

Head Off-Road With The Segway Xafari

The bike boasts Active Scene Perception where the system will initiate certain actions depending on the road condition and the rider.

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Shinola Ceramic Monster Automatic 43mm

Shinola Ceramic Monster Automatic 43mm: Where Durability Meets Elegance

Its sleek black dial, adorned with subtle wave-like etchings, offers a nod to the legendary fireboats of the Great Lakes.

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The Best EDC Flashlights

Our roundup of the best EDC flashlights has something for everyone.

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Unistellar Odyssey and Odyssey Pro Smart Telescopes

Unistellar Odyssey And Odyssey Pro Smart Telescopes: The Future Of Smart Stargazing

These innovative devices bring together high-end optics, astronomy, and technology.

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C Seed N1 Sculptural Folding TV

Experience The Future Of Home Entertainment With The C SEED N1 Sculptural Folding TV

The TV rises and unfolds to reveal a magnificent 137-inch MicroLED display.

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