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Ultimate Ears Everboom | UNIMATIC x Morgan Motor Company Modello Due U2 MMC | ‘Are Compression Socks Cool?’

Check out some of our most popular highlighted products this week.

This week, Ultimate Ears released a new ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker with a bassy 360° immersive sound called Everboom. Among the latest Bluetooth speakers to enter the market, the Everboom is supremely portable and rugged. It has an EQ mode that allows users to tailor performance to their tastes. Through the included BOOM app, users can select the best setting for their situation and create a soundscape that matches the vibe of their party.

We also learned this week of the collaboration between UNIMATIC and Morgan Motor Company, which yielded the Modello Due U2-MMC timepiece. This unique edition of 80 pieces masterfully fuses Morgan’s timeless design and elegance with UNIMATIC’s contemporary flair. The U2-MMC features a sporty blue glossy soleil dial, accented by a cool gray Morgan-inspired closed second rail and dial trims. The U2-MMC comes with two luxurious straps made from the same leather used in Morgan’s Super 3, Plus Four, and Plus Six interiors.

Once relegated to the realms of medical drawers and the unseen layers beneath a traveler’s pants, compression socks have stealthily made their way into the mainstream men’s fashion scene. Today, they’re not just seen as a health accessory but as a statement piece that blends wellness with style. Our editors couldn’t help but delve into this subject with the article, Are Compression Socks Cool?

Meanwhile, we discovered Philips Hue Twilight Sleep Wake Up Light, designed to revolutionize your sleep and waking experiences. This innovative lamp mimics the natural rhythms of sunrise and sunset, promoting better rest by responding to your body’s light cues. No more fumbling for light switches in the dark or jolting awake to the harsh morning light. The Twilight ushers in a new era of sleep optimization through its intuitive lighting feature

Known as B-127 on his home planet of Cybertron, Bumblebee is a much-loved character from the Transformers franchise, having been featured in his own hugely successful Hollywood blockbuster movie. The new LEGO Icons Bumblebee release showcases the character’s broad appeal with an accurate reproduction of both vehicle and robot form. Constructed from the character’s iconic bright yellow, the model incorporates accurate joints to allow for a wide range of poses when in the robot orientation.

Ultimate Ears Everboom

Ultimate Ears Everboom Delivers Big Sound In A Compact Package

An ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker with bassy 360° immersive sound.

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UNIMATIC x Morgan Motor Company Modello Due U2-MMC

UNIMATIC x Morgan Modello Due U2-MMC: Limited Edition Excellence

Crafted with a solid stainless-steel case and luxurious leather straps from Morgan’s iconic vehicles.

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Are Compression Socks Cool?

Join the resurgence of compression socks in men’s fashion.

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PHILIPS Twilight sleep and wake-up light

Philips Hue Twilight Lamp Transforms Sleep And Wake Routines

This smart lamp mimics natural sunrise and sunset rhythms, promoting better rest by aligning with your body’s light cues.

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LEGO Icons Bumblebee

LEGO Icons Bumblebee: The Ultimate Tribute To A Beloved Transformer

Ideal for both seasoned LEGO enthusiasts and fans of the Transformers franchise.

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