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LEGO Icons Bumblebee

LEGO Icons Bumblebee: The Ultimate Tribute To A Beloved Transformer

Ideal for both seasoned LEGO enthusiasts and fans of the Transformers franchise.

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Transformers fans were wowed by the launch of the LEGO Optimus Prime, created by Joseph Kyde, one of LEGO’s most prestigious designers, who had previously worked for Hasbro. The iconic toy manufacturer has extended the Transformer range with the new LEGO Icons Bumblebee, replicating the same level of attention to detail as seen in the Optimus Prime release.

Known as B-127 on his home planet of Cybertron, Bumblebee is a much-loved character from the franchise, having been featured in his own hugely successful Hollywood blockbuster movie. The LEGO Icons Bumblebee release showcases the broad appeal of the character with an accurate reproduction of both vehicle and robot forms.

Constructed from the character’s iconic bright yellow, the model incorporates accurate joints to allow for a wide range of poses when in the robot orientation. It also comes complete with a removable jetpack and ion blaster weapon to allow for fun recreations of Bumblebee’s classic moments from the movies and television series.

The LEGO Icons Bumblebee model can be literally transformed in line with the character’s behavior, transitioning from the classic car to the robot with an accurate representation of the cartoon series. This is made possible through the use of 950 LEGO pieces and a carefully considered design to enhance the level of interactivity.

Available with a complete guide for assembly and a display plaque to display the character’s power statistics, the LEGO Icons Bumblebee is a must for both fans of LEGO and the classic Transformers science fiction franchise.

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