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Shift House by Nomo Studio

Architectural Elegance Meets Nature: The Unique Beauty Of Shift House By Nomo Studio

Seamlessly blending modern design with the rugged beauty of Menorca.

Nomo Studio’s latest architectural marvel, Shift House, stands proudly on the picturesque island of Menorca. This tiered holiday home, designed to embrace the Mediterranean climate, showcases the genius of contemporary architecture.

Shift House by Nomo Studio boasts a unique design, featuring displaced rectangular volumes seamlessly integrated into the hillside. Its distinctive facade, composed of alternating striated concrete walls and continuous window bands, not only pays homage to the textural qualities of local sandstone but also withstands the harsh Mediterranean elements, including high humidity and salty winds.

The layout of Shift House is carefully crafted to optimize outdoor spaces and panoramic views, mimicking the decks of a boat. This design approach ensures that residents can fully embrace the stunning Balearic surroundings.

Nomo Studio founder Karl Johan Nyqvist explained, “Shift House has a clear will to maximize sea views and outdoor spaces. Its facade is built to resist strong sun, wind, and humidity conditions.”

With its four levels, soft interior palette, and a rooftop terrace that offers breathtaking views of the Balearic Sea, Shift House is a true architectural masterpiece that effortlessly blends with its natural surroundings. Nomo Studio’s design draws inspiration from the local dry-wall technique and aims to create a lasting patina, enhancing the building’s aesthetic over time.

Shift House by Nomo Studio not only provides a serene retreat but also pays homage to the rich architectural traditions and natural beauty of Menorca, making it a true gem on this Mediterranean island.

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