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Garmin Edge 1050 Cycling Computer | Nike x Hyperice Recovery Products | ‘The Best Andrew Scott Movies & TV Shows To Binge’

Check out these and more of this week’s most popular highlighted products.

This week, Garmin announced the release of its Edge 1050 Cycling Computer, a groundbreaking addition to any committed cyclist’s riding gear. Thanks to its built-in computer, the Edge 1050 Cycling Computer is packed with features to assist with everything from navigation and road hazards to health and fitness tracking. It also delivers seamless smart connectivity to assist with planning and customizing courses on the device without needing external tools or software.

Nike and Hyperice have teamed up to produce two recovery products, including boots and a vest. The boot is a mobile high-top shoe that provides heat and dynamic air compression massage for the feet and ankles. The vest complements the boots, which utilize thermoelectric coolers to deliver instant heating and cooling without ice or liquid. It helps athletes precisely control their body temperature during warm-ups and cool-downs, optimizing their readiness and recovery.

Be sure to check out our article, The Best Andrew Scott Movies & TV Shows To Binge. Known for his exciting performances and magnetic screen presence, Scott has consistently stolen the spotlight in both film and TV. Whether you know him as the sinister Moriarty from Sherlock or the charming priest in Fleabag, Scott’s versatile acting chops have made him a favorite among audiences seeking depth and complexity in their screen heroes. Our editors have provided a binge-worthy summary of Scott’s work for your viewing pleasure.

The new VEGER X5 6-in-1 WalletTrack Power Bank is a multi-functional wallet, power bank, and tracker that uses 1200g of magnetic force for additional security and peace of mind. With up to 20W of wired fast charging and 15W charging speed in wireless mode, it’s an essential accessory for anyone venturing on a city break or regular lengthy commutes. The ultra-thin body seamlessly integrates with your phone, securely accommodating 1-2 cards. When swiping your card, simply open the stand and effortlessly slide out the card with a satisfying click.

Last, but certainly not least, watchmaker Hublot is back with the third installment of its Essential Grey series. The brand has released two Classic Fusion models in a radiant grey hue. This 2024 release builds on the immense popularity of the previous editions, captivating collectors with its annual single-model, single-color approach. This year’s models, available in 42 mm and 45 mm titanium cases, embody timeless elegance and understated sophistication. Each model features an exclusive textured rubber strap, and a sunray-finished dial with three central hands and a discreet date window.

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