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Vipp Guesthouse Salaca River, Latvia

Vipp’s Salaca River Hideaway, Where Timeless Charm Meets Modern Luxury

This luxurious retreat offers modern comforts amidst historic charm.

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$ 425/night

Tucked away in the pristine beauty of the Salaca River Valley in Latvia, the Vipp Guesthouse Salaca River is a transformed 1876 fisherman’s house, now a luxurious design retreat. Originally a roadhouse between Riga and Wolmar, this historic log house has been carefully relocated to one of Latvia’s most spectacular nature parks. This guesthouse marks Vipp’s 9th such endeavor, offering a serene hideaway for those seeking a blend of rustic charm and modern luxury.

Approaching through the wooded countryside, the house initially conceals the breathtaking view of the Salaca River that awaits inside. Large picture windows flood the space with natural light, providing an unobstructed view of the river and surrounding nature. The interior spans 110 square meters over two floors, featuring a master bedroom with a freestanding bathtub on the first floor, overlooking the living area below. The ground floor hosts a second bedroom with two single beds, a bathroom, an entrance hall, and a combined living area and kitchen.

The transformation of this historic house into a modern retreat underscores how old-world charm can coexist with contemporary comforts. Kasper Egelund, CEO and 3rd generation of Vipp, notes, “Surrounded by old-growth trees in Latvia’s national park, this new guesthouse, situated on the bank of the Salaca River, demonstrates how older homes can be transformed for modern life while still maintaining their historic charm.”

With a minimum two-night booking policy and a non-refundable reservation system, the Vipp Guesthouse Salaca River offers an exclusive experience at $425 per night. This blend of history, nature, and design makes it a unique getaway for those looking to escape into the tranquility of the Latvian woodlands.

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