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WaterField Designs Playdate Magnetic Case

WaterField Designs Launches Its Playdate Magnetic Case

An innovative, protective case to carry the popular Panic gaming console and its power cord.

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WaterField Designs just dropped a slim, lightweight tote for the Playdate console. The Playdate Magnetic Case features sturdy, rugged leather sides in a variety of designer colors. Optionally, it also comes in black ballistic nylon and waxed canvas.

The Playdate portable game console was released on April 18, 2022. Still hard to get, Playdate is the first game console to feature an efficient e-ink screen instead of the traditional LCD or newer OLED options.

The sleek case surrounds the square, Game Boy-like device with plush padding, protecting it from most falls. Highly sturdy, this case has ballistic nylon edges, the material used to make bulletproof vests. It also comes with an additional pocket for a charging cable if you’re away from your wireless charger. Its magnetic closure means no zipper to stick out and catch things.

WaterField Designs’ sleek, form-fitting tote features all the signature notes of their gaming pouches and slipcovers. Owner Gary Waterfield brags about the design’s minimalist look, perfect for home or office. The case features all the same design cues as WaterField’s other gaming and electronics cases. Its rare earth magnet closure allows it to open and close one-handed. The WaterField Playdate Magnetic Case has room for Panic’s new game console, with or without its slipcase. Finally, its design allows wireless charging and downloading games over WiFi inside the case. It comes in seven colors, starting at $45. Direct delivery starts on March 7.

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