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Volvo LifePaint

There has been an increase in cyclists recently, attributed to reasons of health, convenience, environmental awareness and so on. Despite the increase, the infrastructure to support the safety of cyclists are still lagging behind. The cause may be attributed to the unpredictable swiftness of cyclists to the carelessness of motorists sharing the road.

We’ve seen products that help with increasing cyclist visibility, from LEDs to reflectors, but apparently Volvo thinks it has a better solution and can apply its safety knowhow to save the lives of cyclists. Thinking of past Volvos, you might be forgiven for thinking that they may have designed a brick-like bike, but not to worry. The Volvo LifePaint is a product that works like spray paint, where you can cover your body, bike, and anything you can imagine to transform that object you are wearing or on into a glow stick. It is easily removable with a simple wash, as it may not be the best idea to walk around as a human glow stick, or you could just hit the nearest club on a Friday night.