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Vissles LP85

Vissles To Launch Its LP85 Ultra-Thin 75% Optical-Mechanical Keyboard

The LP85 will fit seamlessly into an Apple-centric setup, as well as a Windows-based environment.

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Vissles describes itself as “a passionate techy brand which manifests designer’s dreams with top-notch products.” These products include monitors, keyboards, and chargers. Vissles has just announced the addition of a new product to its line-up called the Vissles LP85, an Ultra-Thin 75% optical-mechanical keyboard. According to the company, “The LP85 strives to find a perfect balance between a conventional and a mechanical keyboard, its low-profile optical switches give you the type feel of a mechanical keyboard but in an ergonomic way, and it helps prevent fatigue from long hours of typing.”

The low-profile Vissles LP85 is available with either black or white keys and has a matte grey brushed aluminum body with gently rounded corners. To maintain stability on a desk, the LP85 is outfitted with two thin silicone strips to stop the keyboard from sliding. The LP85 includes RGB lighting under the keys which can be programmed in 19 dynamic or 8 static color modes or turned off entirely. The Vissles keyboard is offered with both Windows and Mac layouts and is available with Bluetooth and wired connections. Vissles is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and the company anticipates shipping the LP85 starting in January of 2022.

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