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MelGeek Mojo60 Bluetooth Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

MelGeek’s Mojo60 Is A Bluetooth Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The MelGeek Mojo60 Keyboard has a 64-key layout with double-shot ABS keycaps.

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Those keycaps, though. Who can blame you for zeroing in on what is arguably the most eye-catching feature of the MelGeek Mojo60 Bluetooth Wireless Mechanical Keyboard? Known for its savvy, high-quality keyboards that are worlds apart from their rubber- and membrane-style counterparts, the Mojo60 reflects the rightful hype surrounding the standard mechanical keyboard: it is durable, versatile, long-lasting, and quick. While the average user may not think much about details like actuation force — how much pressure needed to apply to a key — or tactility — resistance experienced when pressing down — it’s safe to say that both matter a great deal. That’s true whether you are a gamer or a novelist.

MelGeek keeps things fresh and exciting by churning out new varieties of its mechanical keyboards regularly. The ABS keycaps on the Mojo60 are double shot, which means they feature two distinct plastic layers and won’t chip or fade over time. Equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology, it also features swappable, colorful switches to customize keyboards according to users’ preferences. Cherry MX Blue switches produce satisfying feedback, a must for those who appreciate a little ASMR action to help them coast through the workday. Cherry MX Brown is a quieter option that still offers a little click for the user’s satisfaction, while Cherry MX Red is a less resistant switch great for the gaming set. Beyond its functionality, the Mojo60 is also pretty easy on the eyes. It channels a hint of 1980s-inspired flair, yet is thoroughly modern in every other way.

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