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Wooting two HE

Introducing The Wooting Two HE, A Full-Size Analog Keyboard

Everything is saved on this keyboard — users can map each key however they see fit over multiple layers and profiles.

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$ 185

Wooting, a Dutch tech company, is on a mission to make analog keyboards an industry standard. Several years ago, the company brought innovation back to keyboards with the Wooting one, the first analog keyboard. Shortly after, the brand introduced a full-size model, the Wooting two. Not being satisfied with the limitation of using optical switches, Wooting developed its own hot-swappable magnetic switch, called the Lekker switch. Now, the company has launched the Wooting two HE.

Gamers need the fastest possible input delivered consistently without fail and the Wooting two HE gives users full control over their actuation point from 0.1 to 4.0mm on each key. Configurable per 0.1mm on a per-key basis, users can customize each key to their particular playstyle — WASD on 0.5mm, Spacebar on 2.0mm, number row 1-4 on 1.0mm. Using the Lekker switch, a contactless magnet switch powered by Hall effect sensors, the Wooting two HE has no metal leaf, pins, optics, or other sensitive hardware that suffers from wear, tear, and particles. This switch survives the test of time, lasting millions of presses. Broke one? Simply swap it out for a new one. Preorders are now being taken for the Wooting two HE, which is expected to ship in October of this year.

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