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Cute surveillance camera that is also a pet owl.

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Easy to use home security cameras like the Nest Cam have made keeping an eye on your home a breeze. As long as you have wifi, live streaming images of your living room were only an app away on your smart phone or tablet. Although convenient, looks like there’s a new player that wants to introduce a bit of personality to your home surveillance.

Video surveillance just got a lot more interactive and cuter with the Ulo; a pet owl with adorable eyes that will keep an eye, or in this case both eyes out for you. It’s large eyes can convey various messages and interact with you, making the inanimate object feel like an actual pet. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, these eyes can be the window to whatever you point it at, as the app will let you see live streaming videos of what’s going on. Not only that, it will alert you when it detects movement, take snapshots, without sending any information to third party servers; the information is directly stored on Ulo. It doesn’t need to stay put in one location either, as the rechargeable battery can last up to two days, meaning that you can pretty much place Ulo anywhere in your house. When the battery is running low, those gigantic eyes will let you know, plus the numerous customization options for the eyes can really personalize your relationship with Ulo.

It’s not often that we see an object that can take on its own personality, but designer Vivien Muller seems to have nailed it with his newest creation. To add a special lookout owl for your home, you can visit Ulo’s Kickstarter campaign.