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U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable

U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable

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For the budget conscious, investing in a turntable may be a bit out of reach. You could pick up one of those turntables that transform into a carrying case from Urban Outfitters, but you already know that it probably won’t sound anywhere near as good as a dedicated setup.

The Orbit Turntable by U-Turn Audio is a simple and reliable turntable that is easy to use without breaking the bank. Starting at $179, it keeps all the important audiophile components without the extraneous nonessentials, giving you a warm and detailed sound you’d expect from a turntable costing much more. You can also customize your turntable to be more expressive with color options, choice of platters, cartridges, preamp, and more. If you can afford to cough up a bit more, you could also move up to the Orbit Plus with more bells and whistles. No matter how you spec out your U-Turn Orbit, you are getting a simple and efficient turntable that punches way above its weight.