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Pro-Ject RPM

Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon

Evolutionary enhancements to the RPM line and a stylish package makes this turntable a standout.

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We are going through a turntable renaissance these days, with people turning to record players in reaction to the over saturation of digital media. There are excellent choices for every price point, or you could even go with a large record console that’s more akin to a piece of furniture. Whatever you decide to go with, connected to a pair of powered monitors, and you’re all set to listen to a more carefully curated music selection in a lossless format.

Turntables may be full of old school charm, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t benefit from modern innovations and technology. Pro-Ject carefully utilizes evolutionary enhancements to improve upon their popular RPM series. The RPM 3 Carbon features a low resonance chassis that holds an inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball that reduces unwanted rumble. An ultra precision AC generator with DC power supply smoothly drives the outboard 15V AC motor for enhanced speed stability. Made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and resin, the tonearm tube is made using a 3-step process that strengthens the arm tube’s rigidity, making it also suitable for MC cartridges. All this in an ultra modern and stylish package makes this a turntable worth your consideration.