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Levitating Turntable

MAG-LEV Audio Levitating Turntable

World’s first levitating turntable is the turntable of the future for the medium of the past.

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Turntables are back in style, with more audiophiles turning to the medium these days to enjoy lossless playback of their favorite music. Despite the recent popularity and advents in technology, turntables have stayed pretty much unchanged. MAG-LEV Audio attempts to change all that with the world’s first Levitating Turntable.

Aptly described as the “turntable of the future for the medium of the past,” its inspiration comes from the uplifting feeling of music, translated physically into a levitating turntable that mimics the feeling of zero gravity. Subtle orange illumination adds to the effect as the platter levitates and spins in mid-air. Its patented technology not only allows the platter to levitate magnetically, but also allows the platter to turn precisely thanks to its sensor regulating software. When the turntable is not in use and the tonearm returns to its resting position, the platter feet gently appears from the base, giving the platter a place to rest. Check out the video below to see the Levitating Turntable in action, and head over to their Kickstarter campaign to get your hands on this audio marvel.