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Stagg Pour-Over System

The pour-over system perfected to satisfy the most exacting coffee lover’s cravings.

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Grabbing a cup of coffee has become a daily ritual for the majority of us who needs a boost to get started in the morning. However, our primal, bodily craving for coffee has increased its mass production and big name coffee shop franchises which have slowly chipped away at the quality of coffee that’s handed over to us. With the influx of mass franchise coffee shops, one would think that finding quality coffee would be easy, but to the disappointment of many coffee lovers, it has become even harder to find the consistently of a perfect cup of coffee. The inconsistencies in taste have been enough to devastate devoted coffee lovers who crave the rich taste of good coffee and the experience that goes along with it.

To quench the unsatisfied, the guys over at Fellow introduces the Stagg Pour-over System that promises to make the perfect cup of pour-over coffee, every time. The Stagg pour-over system consists of the Stagg Pour-over Dripper, Stagg Double Wall Glass Carafe, Stagg Tasting Glass, and Stagg Paper Filters that works together to deliver the best tasting coffee, just the way you like it.

Made with stainless steel with a silicon gasket, the dripper has vacuum insulated walls for the ultimate heat retention, while the hand blown borosilicate glass used for the carafe and tasting glasses retains heat during the brewing process as well. Thanks to the ratio aid, you won’t have to second guess the proper ratio between water and coffee for your perfect cup of joe. It’s a quick and easy way to satisfy the most exacting coffee-lover’s cravings.