St. Elmo Straight Bourbon Whiskey

You Can Now Get Your Hands On St. Elmo Straight Bourbon Whiskey

St. Elmo Straight Bourbon Whiskey captures the essence of the steakhouse’s iconic Elmo Cola by being infused with dark cherry and vanilla.

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$ 40

St. Elmo Straight Bourbon Whiskey satisfies any sweet tooth. Its distinct taste is achieved by infusing the spirit with natural dark cherries and vanilla beans. This gives each sip a fruity nose and a smooth finish that only vanilla can achieve. Despite having those flavors added after its traditional distillation process concludes, this bourbon is still 44% ABV.

The dark cherry and vanilla flavor profile makes this bourbon perfect to use as a base for mixed drinks. After all, this is the bourbon at the core of the steak house’s famous Elmo Cola. That iconic beverage was invented by Tim Kirkland and the bartenders at the St. Elmo Steakhouse years ago. Today, a bourbon that embodies the flavor of that spiked cola lets you mix one on your own or enjoy the essence of its taste straight on the rocks. The first batch of this bourbon was released in October to rave reviews, now a wider distribution makes it easier to get your hands on it.