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Playstation VR2

Sony Reveals Its Next-Gen Virtual Reality Headset: PlayStation VR2

Sony shares the first images and details of its new PS VR2.

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Sony just gave fans a much-anticipated look at the PlayStation VR2. No release date yet, however. Still, Sony laid out the specs on Tuesday, and the VR2 promises to be one of the big VR game-changers this year. We know so far that the PlayStation VR2 headset’s color scheme matches the PS5. It also has a circular orb shape similar to the PS VR2 Sense Controller.

The PlayStation VR2 features stunning 4K HDR, 110-degree field of view, enhanced eye tracking, and four external tracking cameras. Additionally, there’s 3D audio, with a built-in microphone and audio-out headset jack. The intuitive PS VR2 Sense controller creates a deep feeling of immersion. Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino says Sony’s goal is to create a headset that is so immersive users almost forget they are using a headset or controller.

Sony paid close attention to the headset’s ergonomics to ensure a comfortable feel by carefully balancing the headset weight and adding an adjustable headband with an adjustable scope. New features include a lens adjustment dial so that users can optimize their view. Plus, the PlayStation VR2 is slimmer and a little lighter than its predecessor. There’s also ventilation to keep the lens from fogging up. One drawback is that the PlayStation VR2 isn’t wireless; however, the system is simple, with a single cord set up.

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