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Sony Vision-S 02 Concept

Sony Vision-S 02 Is An Electric SUV With Nine Digital Screens

It’s only a matter of time before you can sign a lease on an EV by Sony.

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Sony has been talking about getting into the EV market for a few years. At the 2022 CES, Sony finally announced the establishment of Sony Mobility Inc., set to start in the spring of this year. Included with the announcement was the unveiling of the Sony Vision-S 02 Concept in the shape of an SUV. This is the second concept vehicle debuted by Sony, the first vehicle being the Vision-S 01 concept sedan.

Details are sparse at this time, but the Vision-S 02 differs from the 01 concept by being taller and having greater ground clearance. The exterior design features a bubble-round roof line with narrow LED light bars. The Sony Vision-S 02 features double-wishbone suspension front and rear with air springs underneath the body and rides on 20-inch wheels. The drivetrain consists of dual motors powering an all-wheel-drive system. Each electric motor produces 268-hp and has a set-top speed of 112 mph.

Inside, the Sony Vision-S 02, Sony really decided to flex by fitting nine digital screens throughout the cabin. The dashboard features three screens side-by-side. In addition, traditional side mirrors have been upgraded to digital screens. There is also a touchscreen monitor on the center console with a small screen for climate controls. Rear passengers also enjoy screen time with two more screens mounted to seatbacks. And yes, these screens can play PlayStation games with 5G connectivity and Bravia Core video service. The Sony Vision-S 02 concept can seat seven passengers. Sony Mobility Inc. will be established in spring 2022; however, it will take some time before you’ll be able to sign a lease at Best Buy for a brand new Sony SUV.

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