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Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition Is A Wild One With A Matching Watch

A matching pair for motorcycle collectors with a passion for chronographs.

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$ 21,675+

Triumph has released a new special edition motorcycle to match a new Breitling wristwatch. The new bike is called the Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition – that’s its full name. This special edition motorcycle is based on the current Triumph Speed Twin with several cosmetic and chassis upgrades. Moreover, the new Triumph motorcycle launched simultaneously with a limited-edition chronograph watch called the Top Time Triumph Breitling, which will sell for $5,500.

This limited-edition Triumph Speed Twin Breitling motorcycle takes inspiration from the classic film The Wild One. The two-tone blue paint job on its gas tank matches the 1951 Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle used by Marlon Brando in the movie. In addition, the Speed Twin features a Breitling logo on top of the gas tank with hand-painted coach lines. Furthermore, the bike’s styling cues mirror the Top Time Triumph Breitling watch. The twin-dial instrument gauges, for example, are designed to match the face of the Breitling watch. Moreover, the black leather saddle features a bespoke perforated pattern with gray stitching similar to the watch’s strap. Plus, there’s a ”B” logo in billet aluminum features on the bike’s engine cover.

The limited-edition aspect comes from the fact that Triumph is building only 270 examples of the Speed Twin Breitling, of which 36 will be available in the UK. This production number is inspired by the Speed Twin’sTwin’s 270-degree engine crank. Each bike features Ohlins twin shocks with gloss black springs, Brembo brakes with switchable ABS, and three riding modes. In addition, the Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the CEO of both Triumph and Breitling to ensure the motorcycle’s collectability for watch and motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Triumph Speed Twin Breitling Limited Edition

$ 21,675 +
  • Engine: 1,200 cc
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Max Power: 98.6 – bhp
  • Max Torque: 82.6 lb.-ft