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Google Pixel Buds Pro

Google Introduces Its New Pixel Buds Pro

The Silent Seal feature enables the buds to adapt to your ear, maximizing the amount of noise that is canceled.

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$ 200

Google unveiled the long-awaited Google Pixel Buds Pro with active noise cancellation (ANC) and a custom 6-core audio chip that runs Google-developed algorithms. These high-tech earbuds feature Silent Seal, adapting to the user’s ear, to maximize noise-canceling capabilities. Google says the built-in sensors measure ear pressure to ensure a comfortable listening experience. What’s more, the volume EQ adjusts the tuning with the volume up or down, so high, mid, and bass maintain a consistent balance. Transparency mode allows ambient noise when needed. Google plans to release spatial audio later this year to support spatial audio-supported movies and television on compatible Pixel phones.

Google Pixel Buds Pro are truly high-tech, adapting to the user’s next move, such as ending a video on the laptop and then switching over to listen to music on another device. The Google Pixel Buds Pro boast Multipoint connectivity to automatically switch between devices, including laptops, Android and iOS phones, tablets, and televisions. These earbuds offer wireless charging with a full charge that lasts up to 11 hours of standard listening time or up to seven hours with ANC. They have a soft matte finish and a two-tone design in four color options. They also have IPX4 water resistance and a case that’s IPX2 water-resistant. The Google Pixel Buds Pro will be available for pre-order starting on July 21, 2022.

Google also just announced the upcoming release of its new Google Pixel 6a.