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Google Releases Its Most Advanced Earbuds Yet

High fidelity audio from 12mm dynamic drivers is just the beginning of what the next-generation Google Pixel Buds have to offer.

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$ 179

Google has done much more than craft their most technologically advanced pair of Bluetooth earbuds yet with the next generation of the Pixel Buds. The new Google Pixel Buds are engineered to keep you connected to the world around you. The latest features on the Pixel Buds optimize phone calls and even offer real-time translations by using Google Translate to shatter language barriers. An intuitive design based upon anatomical analysis of the human ear makes them fit comfortably and securely while being water and sweat resistant so they can be used for working and working out.

Of course, sound is the name of the game — these are headphones after all, even if they are a proverbial Batman-esque utility belt for your ears. High fidelity audio is harnessed from 12mm drivers that are enhanced by Google Adaptive Sound so that playback is altered to best suit your environment, whether you’re walking down a noisy street or relaxing quietly in your room. The Pixel Buds also use built-in sensors for phone calls to hone in on your voice so it will be heard just as clearly as the audio playback on your end. Touch controls, Find My Device connectivity, and Google Assistant integration convey how functional and versatile these earbuds are. With a charging case that keeps them powered for 24 hours, you’ll be able to depend on all of these features throughout the day.