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Nice Kicks x Crep Protect Can and Box Set

At first glance, Crep Protect is a product that more or less looks like a mosquito repellent and mostly functions like one as well. The only difference is that it’s designed to fight against liquids that can damage your kicks instead of those blood-sucking mosquitoes. It’s a bit hard to believe, but we’ve been told all you have to do is spray Crep Protect to your choice of sneakers, and it will repel most liquids for up to two weeks.

It would be a true blessing for all sneakerheads if only Crep Protect is as good as it’s marketed to be. With the product having been out in the market for a few years, we have had some time to see how people have rated the product and quite surprisingly, the online reviews, which include a number of Youtube videos involving some pretty serious experiments, seem to be very positive. And unless you’re literally going to rub a blob of ketchup into the toe box like some experimenters, Crep Protect seems like a nifty product that could protect your dearest shoeliness from rainy weathers.

As if to put their stamp of approval on this miracle product, the sneakerheads at Nice Kicks join hands with Crep Project to release a limited Nice Kicks x Crep Project can and box set for those serious about protecting their kicks. Although the liquid inside the canister is the same, if you want to get your hands on these limited bright red can and box set, act fast as it will be limited in quantity, which you can pick up at 24 Kilates.