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Neofect NeoMano Robotic Glove

The NeoMano Robotic Glove Offers Life-Changing Tech

The glove uses a wireless Bluetooth remote to provide victims of hand paralysis with functional dexterity.

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In the wake of CES 2020, it’s clear that AI and robotics have transcended from a futuristic fantasy, becoming ingrained into nearly every part of our lives. Now more than ever, those innovative technologies are present in everything from our entertainment systems and cars to the basic appliances in our homes. While their impact on those facets of everyday life adds convenience, Neofect is using robotics to affect something much more profound. The Neofect NeoMano Robotic Glove is designed to give dexterity back to stroke survivors and other victims who have suffered hand paralysis.

The robotic glove slips over a user’s index finger, middle finger, and thumb so that a Bluetooth remote can wirelessly engage its grip and release functions. Under that guidance, users can perform activities their afflictions have taken away their ability to do. Whether it’s brushing teeth, holding a utensil, opening a door, or maintaining a firm grip, the robotic glove helps return some sense of normality to everyday life. Designed to be truly life-changing, Neofect is even donating one of its robotic gloves through its website.