Would You Wear These Self-Cleaning Underwear?

HercLéon’s Fjord underwear is made from unique self-cleaning fabric that destroys bacteria to remain clean for days, if not weeks at a time.

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Who has the time and energy to wash each and every pair of underwear after one wear? Let’s face it, whether in the middle of quarantine or back to your normal fast-paced life, you either are forced to do laundry every few days or you’re going to wear your underwear for several days. Thankfully, the HercLéon Fjord offers a pair you can wear for days or weeks at a time, according to the company. Using eco-friendly anti-microbial material, Fjord boxers and ladies undergarments eliminate hygiene problems by offering self-cleaning pairs of underwear that destroy bacteria on their own.

So how is this even possible? With the specially designed HercFiber fabric, the underwear will not only avoid absorbing smells, but it will fight bacteria while wicking away moisture. This keeps you feeling fresh and clean for days, if not longer. This makes the underwear perfect for individuals who work long shifts, long-distance travelers, campers, or for those who simply don’t feel like changing out of their comfy undies every single day. Give the Fjord underwear one try and you’ll be hooked.