MINI Cooper SE

MINI Cooper SE

MINI’s first all-electric vehicle can reach 80% of a full charge in 35 minutes.

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£ 24,300+

Perfect for driving in the city, the MINI Cooper has become synonymous with London’s bustling metropolitan energy by being able to swiftly weave around dense traffic and maneuver into tight parking spots, all while doing so on an efficient fuel economy. The new MINI Cooper SE continues to push the boundaries of the hallmarks on which the company has built its name by taking the iconic model into uncharted territory.

The new Cooper SE is MINI’s first purely electric model. A 135 kw/184 hp engine fuels the car’s battery-powered driving range for 235 to 270 km on a single charge. Its powerful lithium-ion battery is rooted deep in the floor of the vehicle, in a feat of engineering meant to preserve the practicality of the 3-door car’s surprisingly spacious interior and low center of gravity.

In its first foray into providing consumers an entirely electric MINI Cooper, the company was sure to stay true to its pragmatic philosophy. In addition to an expansive battery range, the car is designed to be charged quickly and conveniently. With a maximum charging capacity of 50W that reaches 80% of its full charge in only 35 minutes, the all-electric MINI Cooper SE is as reliable as conventional combustion-engine vehicles while being truly emission-free. The practicality, efficiency, and environmental-friendliness of MINI’s newest model are sure to redefine perceptions of what an all-electric vehicle is capable of.