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Mini Aceman EV Concept

Mini Aceman EV Concept Is A Colorful Vision Of The Brand’s Future

Set to premier at Gamescom 2022.

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Mini has introduced an electric concept vehicle dubbed the Aceman. The Mini Aceman EV concept vehicle is a crossover SUV styled with charisma that intends to become a future production model. The beauty of the Aceman EV is in the details. Mini keeps its trademark Union Jack motif on the taillights. However, the rest of the vehicle offers a visual spectacle in a familiar shape. Starting with its Icy Sunglow green exterior paint contrasted with a British Racing Green roof section. Blue and pink-orange accents further enhance the vehicle’s colorful appearance. In addition, its front grille serves a new purpose as an illuminating octagonal perimeter that can display different designs. Another unique feature is the headlights that stray from Mini’s iconic round shape.

The Mini Aceman EV interior continues the bright color palette with green. In addition, the Aceman’s interior is leather-free. It instead features a combination of sustainable materials like waffle weave and velvet velour, which adds a unique blend of texture. The centerpiece of the dashboard is a round OLED screen, a first for Mini. This screen is based on Mini’s latest operating system built on Android’s Open Source Project software. The dash itself is designed to look like a soundboard and can be used to project the center screen’s display.

The Mini Aceman EV concept makes its public debut at the Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, Germany, in August. It will be presented during a live stream on August 23.

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