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Rivian R2, R3, and R3X

Rivian’s Next Generation: Introducing The R2, R3, And R3X Electric Vehicles

These cutting-edge midsize SUVs redefine performance, capability, and usability.

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$ 45,000

Rivian, the visionary American automotive manufacturer, has unveiled its latest groundbreaking innovations—the Rivian R2, R3, and R3X. These vehicles represent a new era of sustainable transportation, delivering unparalleled performance, versatility, and accessibility.

The R2 is a midsize SUV designed for both adventure and everyday use. With its distinctive Rivian silhouette and face, it offers a unique driving experience. The interior is crafted with premium, sustainable materials and features first and second-row seating that folds completely flat, providing ample space for gear and cargo. This new vehicle resembles a smaller version of Rivian’s $75,000 R1S SUV, and with it, the automaker aims to broaden its appeal by adding a more affordable EV to its lineup. Pricing for the R2 is expected to start around $45,000, making Rivian vehicles more accessible to a wider audience.

Other features of the R2 include a rear window that opens like a Jeep, and front and rear seats that fold flat to allow for in-car camping. In response to some customer complaints that there wasn’t a glovebox in Rivian’s older models, the R2 has two gloveboxes. 

Meanwhile, the R3, an even smaller and lower-priced SUV, is a midsize crossover that combines performance, off-road capability, and passenger comfort in a tidy package. It’s anticipated that the R3 will be less expensive than the R2. For those seeking even more dynamic abilities, the R3X offers a performance variant with enhanced capabilities both on and off-road.

Both the R2 and R3 will feature two battery sizes, with the larger pack offering over 300 miles of range on a single charge and rapid acceleration. Rivian’s development teams have focused intensely on cost reduction through manufacturing, design innovation, and supply chain development. The R2 is available to reserve in the U.S. for just $100, with deliveries expected to begin in the first half of 2026. The R3 and R3X deliveries will start after the R2, to ensure a smooth launch and rapid ramp up of the R2.

Built on an all-new midsize vehicle platform, the R2 and R3 showcase Rivian’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. These vehicles feature three motor variants, a structural battery unit, fast-charging capabilities, and advanced autonomous driving technology.

With intentional design focused on adventure, space, and refined touches, the Rivian R2, R3, and R3X embody the brand’s signature blend of form and function. These vehicles are not just modes of transportation—they’re a testament to Rivian’s mission to accelerate the global transition to zero-emission transportation and energy.

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