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2025 Range Rover Electric prototype

Range Rover’s First All-Electric Vehicle Arrives This Year

The auto maker subjected the prototype to extreme environments and operating conditions to optimize performance and durability.

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One of the major issues with electric vehicles is their inability to withstand extreme weather conditions, with notable drops in performance in especially low temperatures. Range Rover looks set to solve this problem with its latest prototype, thoroughly tested in diverse weather conditions ranging from the -40°C temperatures of the Arctic Circle to highs of over 50°C in Middle Eastern deserts.

The 2025 Range Rover Electric prototype accomplishes these and other impressive feats thanks to its upgraded battery capabilities and new Electric Drive Unit, which fully controls the car’s electric motor, transmission, and power electronics. The prototype, assembled in-house by JLR, also features a revolutionary traction control system that enables precision steering and grip on icy, low-grip surfaces.

JLR’s expertise is also evident in the 2025 Range Rover Electric prototype’s speed control, which further improves grip through real-time computing of wheel slip, alleviating the necessity for ABS intervention. Combined with an optimized chassis system and stability control, it’s a true off-road, all-weather performer.

While the 2025 Range Rover Electric prototype is a rugged and reliable vehicle for all-terrain driving, the interior brings the company’s trademark luxurious style to full effect. A large, crisp display screen keeps its controls in one unified and easy-to-access location, set against an ergonomic dashboard and elegant, refined upholstery.

The result is what you might expect from a prototype electric hybrid from Range Rover: it blends efficiency and performance with uncompromising refinement.

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