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Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla’s Model 3 Performance Is The Most Powerful Model 3 Ever

This new iteration marks a significant advancement in six years since the first Model 3 Performance hit the streets.

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Tesla takes another leap forward in electric vehicle performance with the launch of the new Model 3 Performance. Six years since the debut of the first Model 3 Performance, Tesla has redefined high-performance driving with cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing advancements, making it the ultimate daily driver for enthusiasts.

At the heart of the new Model 3 Performance lies Tesla’s latest Performance 4DU drive unit, unlocking an impressive +22% continuous power, +32% peak power, and +16% peak torque compared to its predecessor. This translates to more immediate and sustained acceleration, providing an electrifying driving experience like never before.

Enhanced chassis hardware, including adaptive dampers, multi-sectioned stabilizer bars, and ultra-high-strength steel springs, ensures maximum performance and stiffness while reducing mass. The result? A more capable and agile chassis that maximizes the effectiveness of Tesla’s groundbreaking technologies.

On the exterior, the Model 3 Performance boasts aerodynamic design elements that enhance its aesthetic appeal and overall performance. With up to -5% reduced drag and -36% lift reduction, the Tesla Model 3 Performance achieves optimal aerodynamic efficiency, delivering better handling and stability at high speeds.

Inside, drivers are treated to new Sport seats with enhanced bolstering and a deeper, more engaging seating position. Combined with 12-way power adjustment, heating, and ventilation, these seats provide unparalleled comfort and support during dynamic driving maneuvers.

But the improvements continue beyond there. Tesla has also introduced a range of preset driving modes, including Standard, Sport, and Track, allowing drivers to tailor their driving experience to suit their preferences and road conditions.

The Model 3 Performance, with a 296-mile range, is available to order on the Tesla website for $52,990. The base rear-wheel-drive Model 3 costs $38,990 and has a 272-mile range.

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