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Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Introducing The Soon-To-Launch Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

Preorders are now open for this power-packed pad.

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$ 300

Tesla is the latest company to make its own wireless charging pad, dubbed the Wireless Charging Platform following Apple’s decision to cancel their planned AirPower device. Tesla’s offering borrows heavily from the Cybertruck aesthetic, featuring sharp lines, dramatic angles, and an aluminum body. A 65W USB-C power adapter feeds the 30 charging coils packed into the platform, simultaneously serving up to 15 watts of power to three Qi-compatible devices.

In typical Tesla fashion, the $300 pad does offer some thoughtful extras. The Alcantara fabric finish provides a plush resting place for devices, which will begin charging as soon as users set them down. A magnetic, detachable stand lets users set the pad flat on a desktop or nightstand.

And while there are much less expensive chargers offering similar performance and features, thriftiness isn’t the point for Tesla devotees. This is an opportunity to finally bring home a piece of the Cybertruck. One area where the charging pad was clearly not inspired by the Cybertruck is its release date. Preorders will ship starting February 2023, while Tesla has yet to produce any Cybertrucks.

Speaking of frustrated customers – as more companies release their own versions of AirPower, one question lingers: if everyone from SENSE3 and Belkin to Tesla can crack the multi-device pad nut, why couldn’t Cupertino?

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