Makku Makgeolli 

Makku Makgeolli Modernizes Korea’s Oldest Alcoholic Beverage

The recipe behind Makku was carefully crafted after visiting different brewers all over Korea and examining what made each batch unique.

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$ 18

Makgeolli holds a special place in Korean culture as its oldest alcoholic drink — even predating soju by about 300 years. Since the 10th century, the rice-wine has been a stalwart in villages throughout the peninsula. Makku Makgeolli looks to serve as a steward of this tradition by making the age-old beverage available to drinkers around the world. Made with young Gimpo rice and fresh Gapyeong mountain water, Makku’s fermented rice-wine comes in 12 oz can in three distinct flavors — mango, blueberry, and an original, unadulterated version.

Each unfiltered variety embodies the spirit of makgeolli bestowed upon generation after generation. Its milky finish is complemented by a subtle sweetness that gives depth to the rice-wine without compromising its carefully crafted flavor. The recipe unique to Makku was created after visiting different makgeolli breweries and examining what made each batch unique to its locality. Using traditional ingredients and brewing techniques, Makku offers a quintessential version of makgeolli that can satiate both the nostalgic drinker searching for the tastes of home or the cultured palette using their taste buds to broaden their horizons.