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Flex On The Waves With The Louis Vuitton Beach Board Designed By Multimedia Artist Alex Israel

A beach board painted like a California sunset.

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$ 12,120

Summer 2021 is around the corner, so it’s time to start gathering the necessary equipment: sunblock, swimsuits, UV-blocking sunglasses, and the perfect novelty beach towel. Those looking to catch some waves can splurge on a Louis Vuitton Beach Board designed by American multimedia artist Alex Israel known for his line of designer sunglasses and creating works of art on shaped fiberglass panels. So why not add a surfboard too? After all, Israel is no stranger to surfing, having directed a feature-length teen surf film titled SPF-18 for streaming services like Netflix in 2017.

The Louis Vuitton Alex Israel-designed beach board is constructed out of fiberglass with a wooden spine. The Alex Israel-designed beach board is dressed in Israel’s signature gradient effect. Inspired by a surfboard’s natural background, the Louis Vuitton beach board reflects light in a hand-painted blend of orange, blue, and pink to represent the palette of colors seen in a California sunset. The finishing touch is a frosted Monogram overlay because what good is a Louis Vuitton product if nobody can see the name. The underside of the beach board features custom-made fins painted in the colors of the ocean — the ideal beach board to flex while surfing.

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