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Lotus C-01

Lotus C-01

One of only 100 and the only example in North America, the gorgeous Lotus C-01 is hitting the auction block.

The Lotus C-01 started life as a concept as a 3D digital mockup, with its stunning good looks and radical body shape. It wore the legendary Lotus badge, a name that has never been associated with two-wheeled vehicles. While it caused a sensation in the digital realm among enthusiasts, we were skeptical that it would ever be made, but the Lotus C-01 was realized in 2014 to our surprise, albeit in an extremely limited run of only 100 examples.

Fortunately for those that have missed the opportunity to pick up one of the 100 examples back in 2014, the only example in North America will be hitting the auction block at Monterey on August 18. This green Lotus C-01 has a 1195cc liquid cooled twin engine that produces approximately 200 hp and has never been ridden, making it even more enticing for the next owner.