Vibram Portable Performance Sole

Vibram Portable Performance Sole

No need to brave the poorly de-iced sidewalks of the city at the expense of your bruised ego and buttocks.

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The Domino’s commercial of the guy falling with his pizza is meant to be both comical and sell more pizzas. For anyone who has braved the poorly de-iced sidewalks of a city post winter storm, the commercial is anything but the former. In fact, it is a sad reminder of what is to come for many of us during the new year — and if we are being perfectly honest, what will probably happen as we stumble home on New Year’s Day.

Fortunately, if you care more about utility and less so about what’s wrapped around your feet at the moment, the Vibram Portable Performance Sole is the solution to all of your future “no this isn’t a whoopee cushion, yes it is a donut” conversations as you explain your bruised ego and buttocks to co-workers.

The Vibram Portable Performance Sole is designed to easily attach to almost any kind of flat-soled footwear. Once attached, it will increase your grip on ice, so that you can avoid the penguin waddle, maintain your dignity, and above all save yourself from the backwards plunge or ill-fated face plant that results in adult-braces (which are never a good look). Easy to use and store, the Vibram Portable Performance Sole might just become your favorite accessory this winter.